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Welcome to ConSol's jobs and placement portal where we simplify and expedite your hiring and outsourcing needs. You can engage with us either as an Employer, if you are looking to urgently hire a candidate for your organization or client OR as a Candidate, if you would like to apply to our immediate job vacancies as well as join our growing talent community.

Why Use Us?

Access to tested and verified talent community of over 10,000 and over 5,000 outsourced job seats

Very fast, search-find-hire process

Seamless process from job definition to payment

How it works for employers


Select from our bouquet of predefined solutions or Post a Job


See and select from instant talent matches


Pay for service

How it works for candidates


Apply for a specific job post or submit your profile and do a free personality test


See/Receive available job posts matching skills and capabilities


Receive regular training/development and job adverts

Want to know more or just want to get started?

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